Ideal Sanitation is one of the players in the portable toilets industry. Ideal Sanitation is an indigenous Kenyan company that specializes in the provision of portable toilets solution. It began its operation in July 2014.We have toilets that have been designed and manufactured by renowned international groups such as Polyjon International and Ecoloo group a leading Swedish based green technology organization that designs and manufactures sustainable sanitation solutions and other green innovations. Ideal sanitation toilet technology is affordable.


We pride ourselves on supplying clean and secure portable toilets to the events and the construction industry. Our highly trained, efficient and friendly staff will meet all your toilet hire needs.

What event or function do you need a portable toilet for hire. WE PROVIDE.

Ideal Sanitation provides and maintains portable toilets for the event industry, parties, weddings, conferences, seminars, corporate functions, private functions, construction industry, government open days, exhibitions and political functions.



To improve sanitation, enhance lives, improve human dignity, eliminate sanitation challenges, eradicate water borne diseases by ensuring people have access to proper sanitation by providing eco-friendly toilets.


The mission of Ideal Sanitation is to provide companies with the highest level of Customer service and address the sanitation gap. They exist to attract and maintain customers.


To ensure that people have access to a decent toilet and totally eliminate the use of pit latrines and other unclosed methods of managing human waste.


Ideal Sanitation services objectives in the first three years of operation include:

  • To develop a┬ásustainable, profitable start-up business model.
  • To be a service-based company whose number one value is exceeding customer’s expectations.
  • To create mutually beneficial commercial partnerships, that will in turn drive the business to greater heights.